Brutus Trimfit-The Original Mod Shirt From 1966


Brutus Trimfit The original British button-down shirt since 1966

The legendary family-owned Brutus Trimfit fashion line has been re-invigorated by a new generation. Originally founded in 1966 by brothers Keith and Alan Freedman, the brand has now been revived by Keith’s son Jonathan Freedman. The first Brutus shirt, called the ‘Trimfit’, has a cult following among mods and suedeheads throughout the world and has been documented in numerous books and articles about British mod fashion. Throughout the late sixties and mid seventies this iconic Brutus trimfit shirt sold in the millions. This classic British Mod shirt is being introduced to a whole new generation whilst also appealing to those for whom the Brutus Trimfit Shirt remains an enduring and beautiful memory.

Brutus is from the east end of London, the brand name coming from the most popular mens aftershave of the day-BRUT, which Keith and Alan wore! The name Brutus was born, and this mens mod clothing brand is still at the forefront of British Heritage fashion after 3 decades. True to the original design, Brutus Trimfit Shirts are still made in the same factory from way back in 1966, thus ensuring that every detail is true to the original.

Brutus shirts have been stocked at Indi Menswear for over two years and customers come from all age groups. There’s the original 60’s Mod, the skinhead with braces and Doc Martens boots, and the new wave of modern teens just discovering the Mod scene, Northern Soul and the whole heritage retro trend that’s so relevant in mens fashion today.