Gabicci Vintage-Look For The Metal ‘G’

Gabicci Vintage

Leading style is timeless by design; take retro mens clothing brand, Gabicci for instance. Born way back in 1973 at a time when youth was undergoing some serious changes, the mods had pretty much died off or evolved (if you call it evolution) into skinheads. After growing their hair a bit and losing some aggression suedeheads emerged and developed their own identities, meanwhile sweet tunes were being devoured in dingy venues in Lancashire, Staffordshire and Manchester.


Northern Soul, as it became known, was growing steadily and these new soulies needed some sharp fashion if they were to look good on the dance floor. Gabicci quickly became a staple part of the soul scene (it’s a scene that has exploded once again in recent years and will get even bigger once Elaine Constantine’s enigmatic film ‘Northern Soul’ hits cinema screens next year). Unsurprisingly lads on the terraces soon cottoned (pardon the pun) on to this sharp looking terraces wear brand and the early 1980’s casuals adopted it as one of the ‘must have’ fashion accessories, that iconic metal ‘G’ could be seen glinting proudly on many a lapel on a Saturday afternoon.

Fast forward to the present day and Gabicci Vintage is firmly back on the map, helped along no doubt by Nick Love’s 2009 cult classic film, The Firm and more recently inclusion as one of eleven brands in Mark Baxter and Paolo Hewitt’s book ‘The Fashion of Football’. Although with a fine range of stylish knitwear, classic button down shirts, jackets and casualwear it didn’t need too much help. Mark our words; Gabicci Vintage is one of the most sought after mens mod clothing brands for the discerning fashion conscious man about town. Make sure you’re dressed to impress this summer, wear the ‘G’ on your chest…