Mod or Modernist?

So you’re a mod huh? Still stuck with the same old style and fashions from decades ago? Being a mod, or modernist (to give it its full title) is all about the present and of course the future but let’s not forget about where it all started.

Way back in the day when mods ruled first time around a few familiar labels were very prevalent on the scene, Ben Sherman, Levis, Brutus and Fred Perry to name just a few. All of these brands have survived the test of time, they are cult classics worn for decades in varying styles but never straying too far from their well-sewn mod roots.


Mens mod clothing needn’t be stuck in the 1960’s, or late ‘70’s revival though, it’s a gradual evolution into the style of the moment and there are plenty of goodies around to let you show your individualism, without looking like a thousand other wannabe’s. Knitwear, checks, stripes, paisley patterns and button down collars are still big business and although things have moved on the 1960’s influence is still as big with designers as it’s ever been.


Staple items for the mod are of course still in demand; parka and Harrington Jacket sales are at an all-time high, riding on a wave of Beady Eye, Weller and Stone Roses fervour for the younger mod, or nostalgic rejuvenation for the older generation who have rediscovered the mod culture all over again. It doesn’t have to be original musty military wear though; the modern take on this mod classic is an alternative choice and you don’t even need to own a scooter to wear one. Polo shirts are another classic and you don’t have to stick to the same tried and trusted brands, there’s plenty of choice if you want to be different. Desert Boots and Loafers are must-have items. They’ve been worn for almost half a century, their style is timeless and they still look as good today with a nice pair of well cut jeans as they did back in the day. Immerse yourself in the heritage fashion of yesteryear, re-designed and styled for the mod of today…