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ben_sherman_chairBen Sherman

Ben Sherman is a popular, stylish clothing brand dating back to the early part of the 1960s. They make clothing almost exclusively for men. They are perhaps best-known for mens shirts and casual clothing, but the range also includes suits and tailoring. Ben Sherman has a reputation for high-quality items and laid-back style. Based in Britain, they now sell their collections all over the world, and also have online stores covering the UK, mainland Europe, and the US.


History of Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman was founded in Brighton in 1963 by Arthur Benjamin Sherman. Sherman was born in the seaside town and, after a time spent living in America and Canada, returned there and bought a shirt factory.

His clothing brand started when Sherman spotted a crucial gap in Britain`s fashion market. Fans of modern jazz were keen to buy American-style button-down shirts of the sort produced by companies such as Hathaway and Brooks Brothers and worn by the Ivy League set. This demand was fuelled by popular American jazz artists, who would visit Britain and perform while wearing these kinds of fashions.

As this style was not made in Britain and only available from importers, Sherman saw an opportunity and began making shirts himself. He used higher quality materials and workmanship to create a superior shirt which was available without going to specialist importers. Creating the Ben Sherman label, he enjoyed rapid success as the Mod movement, which was popular in Brighton, snapped up his items. Two years later he opened his first London showroom.

The success of the brand continued for the following five decades and up to the present day. In 2011, the brand went online with their international eCommerce store. Ben Sherman is now one of the most respected and popular menswear brands around.


Ben Sherman Style

The Ben Sherman brand is admired most for its range of casual clothing. However, their tailoring is also very popular and well-respected within the fashion industry. While their suits and tailoring obviously look smart, they also have a cool and comfortable look.

With its roots in the laid-back, rebellious teenagers of 1960s Mod subculture, it is little wonder that Ben Sherman`s casualwear is laid-back yet stylish. Shirts and polo shirts are some of their most prominent product types. Through this, the company`s roots as a shirt factory and first steps with American-style Oxford Cloth shirts are still evident. Many of their pieces boast a vintage or retro look in line with the company`s early days, while others are more modern and up-to-date.

Most of Ben Sherman`s casual clothing carries the distinctive signature-style ‘Script’ logo. Much of it also carries the roundel which is the emblem of the Royal Air Force. This logo was popular with the Mod movement, who were Ben Sherman`s main customers when the brand started out. This fact has led the emblem to be referred to as the “Mod target.”

All-in-all, Ben Sherman is a brand with a cool, laid-back ethos. Although everything the brand produces embodies a casual and comfortable basis, they still manage to marry this concept very successfully with even their smart tailoring. For casual clothing, meanwhile, they are unmistakably relaxed and even sometimes rebellious. In spite of this, classic looks feature prominently. This sets them very much apart from other, more modern casual brands such as <a href=””>DC shoes</a> which has its roots in the skateboarding crowd. This makes Ben Sherman a distinctive brand which appeals to a very wide customer base with a range of interests and styles.