Henri Lloyd-From The Marina To The Terraces

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Founded in Manchester by British businessman Angus Lloyd with Polish war hero, designer, award winner and all round good egg Henri Strzelecki in 1963, Henri Lloyd specialises in sailing and yachting apparel. The brand pioneered the use of man-made fabrics such as Gore-Tex and has been worn by explorers, sportsmen and other on-trend individuals.

henri lloyd sailing

A luxury brand designed for the seven seas, it might seem strange that it should find a home on the terraces of football grounds across the country. However looking at their jackets and jeans it’s easy to see how Henri Lloyd became a stylish and individual alternative to other casual classics such as Stone Island and C.P Company.ryder-packaway-jacket-morning-cloud-detail


As well having a heritage as rich as the Rockefeller family, Henri Lloyd continues to innovate and every release is more stylish than the last; just take a look at Ryder jacket, terrace fashion in all its glory. In Henri Lloyd’s stunning gear you’ll always look the part whether you’re in the middle of the Atlantic or the middle of a football crowd.

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Big In Japan-Saying “Konichiwa” to Duffer’s Japanese line

Starting out in 1984 at Camden Market selling vintage clothing, Duffer has grown an unlikely yet huge following in the ever on trend land of the rising sun, with over 20 stores for the Japanese to get their fill of quality London clobber.

Duffer of St George Japan

Duffer of St George Japan

Duffer’s sought after premium Japanese line has arrived on our shores this spring and it certainly looks the part. Timeless surf style has been combined with the heritage undertones of Duffer’s roots to create a truly unique style for you to wear this spring and summer. Light colours and floral patterns give the line an upbeat and summertime feeling that only a brand like Duffer could pull off.

Duffer Japan SS14

Duffer Japan SS14

The 90s style bucket hats will definitely be an essential for when we eventually say sayonara to this current grey climate and the hooded jackets will be ideal if we aren’t so lucky. These new clothes are really something else; they look destined to fly off the shelves and into the streets faster than the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo and you’d be off the rails not to snap up a few items from this exciting Eastern delivery.

By Tom Hawkins

Weekend Offender SS14

Weekend Offender SS14 is about streetwear subculture. The influences are all there in Indian ink, football, film, fads.

Weekend Offender SS14
Weekend Offender SS14

Jackets form the core of the collection, mod shaped in belligerent brights, and nautical themed in marine and navy.  The trademark doves are back and the range shifts from Harringtons to Bombers, from pastel to postal.

The hues follow Weekend Offender’s well beaten track, but there are new prospects in watermelon and eggshell to match your new imported Lambretta.

SS14’s knitwear is a nine man squad sporting stripes and doves. The colours are cricket crisp with a Pimms o’clock garnish.

Shirts make a showing as you’d expect, but this lot’s for the rude boys. Pattern wise, micro dots are the drug of choice and parrot print Hollywood is the exception to prove the rule.

Weekend Offender prove they’ve nothing lacking in the trouser department and the SS14 release brings sharp cuts and for the first time founders Sam Jones and Rydian Powell have elected  to add slim-fit denim to the firm. Just add brilliant white trainers if you want to put the casual back in football casual. Cotton trousers are another new addition and demonstrate just how far, in terms of production, this local hero has come.

As a whole SS14 is a weekend scuffle in Brighton, summer shades, but ready for rain.

Further investigation can be had by having a butchers at the new spring/summer collection at Indi