Henri Lloyd-From The Marina To The Terraces

HL_new black

Founded in Manchester by British businessman Angus Lloyd with Polish war hero, designer, award winner and all round good egg Henri Strzelecki in 1963, Henri Lloyd specialises in sailing and yachting apparel. The brand pioneered the use of man-made fabrics such as Gore-Tex and has been worn by explorers, sportsmen and other on-trend individuals.

henri lloyd sailing

A luxury brand designed for the seven seas, it might seem strange that it should find a home on the terraces of football grounds across the country. However looking at their jackets and jeans it’s easy to see how Henri Lloyd became a stylish and individual alternative to other casual classics such as Stone Island and C.P Company.ryder-packaway-jacket-morning-cloud-detail


As well having a heritage as rich as the Rockefeller family, Henri Lloyd continues to innovate and every release is more stylish than the last; just take a look at Ryder jacket, terrace fashion in all its glory. In Henri Lloyd’s stunning gear you’ll always look the part whether you’re in the middle of the Atlantic or the middle of a football crowd.

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