Le Coq Sportif-The Mark of Champions

In 1882 a small shop was opened in Romilly-sur-Seine, France by an ambitious Frenchman with a huge passion for sports and for clothes and it was these two passions that combined to make Le Coq Sportif.


That man was Emile Camuset and over a century later that small shop in a small town would become Le Coq Sportif, one of the world’s biggest sports brands, known worldwide for its stylish and good quality clothing that can look good on the field of play or off it.


Le Coq Sportif has always been one of the most innovative labels about, being the first to create jerseys specifically for cyclists as well as inventing the tracksuit, an outfit with a rich history of its own.


The instantly recognisable logo of Le Coq Sportif first appeared on Emile’s gear in 1948 and since then the Gallic rooster, a symbol of France, has been seen on countless cyclists, boxers, rugby players and other athletes at the head of the pack. This includes Wimbledon champion Jimmy Connors, the multiple grand slam winning French Rugby team, World Cup winning Italy, European Cup winners Everton and the famous Diego Maradona.


Le Coq Sportif also sponsors and manufactures jerseys for the Tour De France; this is clearly a brand that knows where it came from. Le Coq Sportif is more French than the Eiffel Tower.


However, it isn’t just sportsmen and sportswomen who can pull off wearing the famous rooster; Le Coq Sportif is an appealing and affordable option for those looking for something a little bit different but more than a little bit trendy. For example the Eclat trainers wouldn’t look out of place on the terrace alongside other established trainers.

Le Coq Sportif is a versatile, affordable label with over 130 years of glorious history under its belt but most importantly you’re guaranteed to look good wearing it whether you’re running a marathon or hanging with your mates on the mean streets.


Merc is Still Swinging

ImageMerc Clothing was established on Carnaby Street in 1967 when London was in full swing. The brand epitomized the look of the 60s mod and was also a favourite with the skinheads and later on with the casuals. Merc clothes have a reputation for British style and quality that continues to this day. For example, the Merc Harrington is head and shoulders above all other designers that have attempted to replicate the classic jacket and it is the same situation with the parka, none can compare to Merc’s Tobias.

Merc’s tartan lined wonders, quality polos and famous trousers can be the bread and butter of any stylish get-up and will have you bringing the taste of an era of fashion into your millennium life.

However, the 60s were in the past; how could Merc possibly have given their timeless style a modern update? Well those bright sparks down in London town only went and brought us a premium menswear collection, Merc W1. Merc W1 focuses on luxury fabric, attention to detail and precision cuts. It is a luxury line but don’t let that label fool you into thinking you need to break the bank to be able to afford it, Merc W1 isn’t too costly and still retains the unique Merc mod style. The range includes paisley print shirts and comfortable parkas, perfect for those willing to go above and beyond in order to stand out from the crowd.

This season’s Merc releases are a mixture of everything from upbeat modern t-shirts to well-tailored suits to the classics such as the Harrington and the Tobias fishtail parka. This quality London clobber is one of this season’s must haves.

There really is no getting around the fact that Merc is one of the finest names in British fashion; retro style, a rich heritage yet still looking ahead. Merc’s future looks just as bright and eventful as it’s past.