Northern Soul

Without coming over too Charles Dickens, Indi’s most recent addition, Nicholas Deakins, is a real “Tale of Two Cities”

Deakins founder, Craig Nicholas Tate, honed his craft during his fashion and textile studies in The Big Smoke. However, the allure of England’s capital, London, could not keep the Nicholas Deakins brand from its legitimate home. The bass of the nightclubs purred, as the brand began life with its rightful partner, Leeds. A city of classical grandeur, you only have to look at Nicholas Deakins logo to realise their affinity. Deakins has embraced Yorkshire’s majestic white rose, as its own symbol, as if bound by flesh and blood.

logoIn an industry that is often construed as pretentious there is something of an honest simplicity about Nicholas Deakins. Interestingly, the company was started (in Tate’s own words) “from a need to get into the clubs that didn’t allow trainers”. These were the greats of the early 90’s Northern clubbing scene; such as Manchester’s Hacienda and Leeds’ Back2Basics, to name but two. Even to this day, Tate remains close friends with Dave Beer, Back2Basics’ notorious promoter. The shoes Deakins created at this time, were something never seen before. Traversing the line between smart and casual became Deakins signature; you only had to look at the feet on those football terraces to realise their loyal following and the stir they had caused.

Not just concerned with the way the shoes looked, Deakins also prides itself on their quality. From the beginning, only the best would do; the original “7349” boots were handmade in Northampton, the shoemaking capital of the U.K, if not the World. (Their manufacturer, W.J. Brookes, would actually go on to become the subject of the feature film and Broadway musical, Kinky Boots.) These were then handed over to friends for the ultimate stamp of approval, an evening out in a Northern nightclub.

As the parties grew, so did Nicholas Deakins; eventually coming to operate at its present day capacity. Nowadays the company operates four lines; including clothing, kids and their all-important heritage range. For such an innovative company, the progression into clothing was a natural step. As a muse, Tate takes inspiration from his own personal style icon, Steve McQueen, who as the undisputed king-of-cool, is the perfect match for the minimalist trends of the 1990’s. You only have to take a look at their parkas; now who wouldn’t want a piece of that!


Nicholas Deakins Legion Parka


Nicholas Deakins Legion Parka

by Phillip Tunstall


A Story Of Brutus, Dr Martens and Jamaica

Here at Indi Menswear we love a British success story. As yet again Brutus comes up trumps to bring us iconic street style and a new level of cool for lovers of British street subculture. Mods, Skins and Rude Boys listen up! It’s quite a coup to introduce not one but two special edition Brutus Trimfit collections!

The first is the latest collaboration between two fantastic British brands – Dr Martens and Brutus Trimfit. Available from September 1st, this teamwork has brought one of the hottest shirt collections of the year; effortlessly stylish and uber-cool, there are even two mens’ styles to choose from!


The DM5 arrives in a mustard and oxblood check, in keeping with Dr Marten’s age-old colours, while the re-imagining of the timeless Brutus Classic Tartan shirt brings us the DM6 brought bang up-to-date for 2014 in Oxblood with a contrasting mustard check. Exclusive and strictly limited edition, we cannot stress enough the importance of these masterpieces for your wardrobe. With last years allocation selling out within 24 hours, get em’ while they’re still around!

The 2nd special edition collection comes from none other than the home of Usain Bolt, a bottle or two of your favourite Rum, a paradise for 18-30 year old party animals and the home of the original Rude Boys – the beautiful island of Jamaica! With the new Brutus Jamaican signature shirts, it’s time to celebrate like an original Rude Boy, those doyens of Jamaican cool, in green, gold and black. Available in short and long sleeve, these patriotic colours have been aligned into a stylish checked Brutus Trimfit shirt.


As this is Brutus, impeccable quality and design, comes as standard. Crafted with the precision of a surgeon, all the shirts are shaped and darted for the perfect fit, and feature the iconic 3 finger button-down collar and box pleat.

These combined values of style, craftsmanship and innovation have brought together such titans of subculture to create shirts that you will want to wear for years; the perfect shirt that never goes out of style. In fact, if you don’t get at least one of these shirts you will be Ska’d For Life!

By Philip Tunstall

Mikkel Rude Has It All Wrapped Up

mikkel rudeThere’s nothing quite like opening a present; the excited anticipation as your heart starts beating that little bit faster…This is exactly the experience you get with Mikkel Rude, as each beautiful shirt arrives in its own custom made box! It is for these special and distinctive touches that Mikkel Rude is becoming known as a purveyor of fine clothing.

Mikkel Rude has always had an eye for the finer points. As a youngster, he was spellbound by the Punks and Skinheads he saw photographed on Petticoat Lane. With their highly detailed outfits; Sta-prest trousers, ‘Royals’ brogues, and red socks, he was quickly drawn into their world, admiring the self-assured nature that accompanied the clothes they wore. As his interest blossomed, it only seemed natural to open a shop and, as the home of Scandinavian cool, Copenhagen was the perfect location. Despite selling a combination of classics like Dr Martens, Crombie, and Harringtons alongside new British labels, Mikkel Rude became dissatisfied with the cuts of shirts available. Luckily for us this resulted in the launch of his own Mikkel Rude label.


So what about the clothes I hear you ask. Well, just like their presentation, they won’t disappoint. As a through-and-through traditionalist, and a company motto of ‘clean-cut British’, Mikkel Rude shirts endeavour to maintain a supreme level of authenticity. In fact, many of the styles are inspired directly from Mikkel Rude’s personal shirt collection of original 60’s Ivy League and other British makers. The current collection is an homage to this decade, with trademark details like vented short sleeves and double-button detailing, all in a flattering slim fit made possible by the back box pleat and darts. The fantastically vibrant ‘window- pane’ shirts are a perfect statement in turquoise, pink, yellow and royal blue.


In the same spirit of re-creation are the Sta-press trousers. These ingenious trousers rose to prominence in the 1960’s as they remained immaculate even after being put through the tumble-dryer. Their unusual name is an abbreviation, of the much longer title; stay pressed, referring to the permanent front crease running sharply down the slim fit leg. Mikkel Rude’s version is a perfect blend of style and comfort, ready to go, whatever the situation!


It is in the re-creation, of authentic clothing that makes Mikkel Rude so exceptional. Always sharp and always authentic, Mikkel Rude is breathing new life into classic designs, ensuring they are kept alive for future generations to discover. The passion of their founder is evident; his clothes are more than just a brand, they encompass a whole lifestyle. So, get ‘em while you can, Mikkel Rude is the real deal!

By Philip Tunstall

Brutus Trimfit-Button It!


Brutus-a manly brand named after the owner’s passion for a certain mens’ aftershave, took menswear by storm back in the day. Focusing on quality design, and taking cue from the fair British Isles, Brutus was the true champion of fashion for real men!


The 60’s and 70’s marked a new age in menswear; a time when the clothes you wore were an outward expression of personality, and a rebellion against convention. As youth culture exploded from hotspots such as London’s Carnaby Street, new groups began to form, all needing a fresh, new wardrobe, and it was Brutus clothing that firmly captured their imagination. The iconic Brutus Trimfit shirt quickly became a wardrobe essential for Skinheads and Suedeheads. The roots of this British classic have a curious background and are actually much more international than you might think!


At a time when Far East manufacturing was just in its infancy, and to a backdrop of the Vietnamese War, Brutus founder, Keith Freedman, took the bold move to travel to Hong Kong in the hope of expanding his business production. At the time this was by no means an easy journey (his own father had tried to dissuade him) but his tenacity paid off and the company never looked back.


In fact, Hong Kong has been a constant source of inspiration for the company. It was on Kowloon’s Nathan Road that Freedman first spotted shirts designed for the off-duty American soldier; a kind previously unseen in Britain. Not content with reproduction, Freedman used the shirt as a base, and added many of the Brutus Trimfit features that are admired today, such as the 3-finger roll collar, the 2-button half-sleeve, and the symmetrical darts either side of the main pleat. Add to that a quintessentially British tartan print, spied at a Parisian Flea Market, and the Brutus Trimfit was born!

With such a fantastic design archive and heritage, a resurgence in the Brutus Clothing brand was inevitable, and it was re-launched in 2009, with Freedman’s son Jonathan now at the helm. All the designs produced today are painstakingly remade from the archives to exact specification, with production in the original factories in Hong Kong! The current shirt range features original checks and tartans, plus for tr the first time a new range of plain white shirts, all cut with meticulous precision, to ensure a perfect fit.

As lovers of Modern Heritage and British classics, Brutus was an obvious choice to add to our collection at Indi, where the famous Brutus Trimfit Shirt can be found in a vast array of prints and colours for your own distinctive style.

By Philip Tunstall

Saucony Trainers-American Classics

Lets face it; America is a sports mad metropolis. In the homeland of basketball and baseball, athletic wear is King. With such sporting culture, its hardly surprising that no-one can touch the Americans when it comes to sportswear, and it takes a brand like Saucony to remind us of this.




Saucony can trace its roots right the way back to 1889, making it one of America’s oldest shoemakers. The company’s predecessor can even lay claim to the design and production of Neil Amstrong’s moon boots! With such an esteemed history, it’s fair to say they must know a thing or two about shoes. Today, Saucony draws on its technological expertise to create shoes of unparallelled beauty and comfort; true modern day classics.


The timeless appeal of the Saucony Originals collection is especially impressive given that most of the styles were actually designed back in the 1980’s! Indeed, it is the retro styling that is one of the principal allures of these shoes; the suede and mesh upper body curves and undulates seamlessly into the brand’s rippling logo, inspired by the river on which the founding factory overlooked. Coupling their design with the comfort and support provided by the shock-absorbing soles, it’s a match made in shoemaker’s heaven.


Given the undeniable heritage and understated style, it’s easy to see why they are fast becoming the “it” trainers of the summer. The brand’s evocative names like Jazz and Shadow, can only hint at the life these shoes bring to an outfit. They are the perfect complement to the exhilarating whirlwind that is life today and their combination of style and function make them a real investment purchase. And if they can survive on the moon, I reckon they’ll be fully equipped for the strains of modern-day life!


Philip Tunstall

Le Coq Sportif-The Mark of Champions

In 1882 a small shop was opened in Romilly-sur-Seine, France by an ambitious Frenchman with a huge passion for sports and for clothes and it was these two passions that combined to make Le Coq Sportif.


That man was Emile Camuset and over a century later that small shop in a small town would become Le Coq Sportif, one of the world’s biggest sports brands, known worldwide for its stylish and good quality clothing that can look good on the field of play or off it.


Le Coq Sportif has always been one of the most innovative labels about, being the first to create jerseys specifically for cyclists as well as inventing the tracksuit, an outfit with a rich history of its own.


The instantly recognisable logo of Le Coq Sportif first appeared on Emile’s gear in 1948 and since then the Gallic rooster, a symbol of France, has been seen on countless cyclists, boxers, rugby players and other athletes at the head of the pack. This includes Wimbledon champion Jimmy Connors, the multiple grand slam winning French Rugby team, World Cup winning Italy, European Cup winners Everton and the famous Diego Maradona.


Le Coq Sportif also sponsors and manufactures jerseys for the Tour De France; this is clearly a brand that knows where it came from. Le Coq Sportif is more French than the Eiffel Tower.


However, it isn’t just sportsmen and sportswomen who can pull off wearing the famous rooster; Le Coq Sportif is an appealing and affordable option for those looking for something a little bit different but more than a little bit trendy. For example the Eclat trainers wouldn’t look out of place on the terrace alongside other established trainers.

Le Coq Sportif is a versatile, affordable label with over 130 years of glorious history under its belt but most importantly you’re guaranteed to look good wearing it whether you’re running a marathon or hanging with your mates on the mean streets.

Merc is Still Swinging

ImageMerc Clothing was established on Carnaby Street in 1967 when London was in full swing. The brand epitomized the look of the 60s mod and was also a favourite with the skinheads and later on with the casuals. Merc clothes have a reputation for British style and quality that continues to this day. For example, the Merc Harrington is head and shoulders above all other designers that have attempted to replicate the classic jacket and it is the same situation with the parka, none can compare to Merc’s Tobias.

Merc’s tartan lined wonders, quality polos and famous trousers can be the bread and butter of any stylish get-up and will have you bringing the taste of an era of fashion into your millennium life.

However, the 60s were in the past; how could Merc possibly have given their timeless style a modern update? Well those bright sparks down in London town only went and brought us a premium menswear collection, Merc W1. Merc W1 focuses on luxury fabric, attention to detail and precision cuts. It is a luxury line but don’t let that label fool you into thinking you need to break the bank to be able to afford it, Merc W1 isn’t too costly and still retains the unique Merc mod style. The range includes paisley print shirts and comfortable parkas, perfect for those willing to go above and beyond in order to stand out from the crowd.

This season’s Merc releases are a mixture of everything from upbeat modern t-shirts to well-tailored suits to the classics such as the Harrington and the Tobias fishtail parka. This quality London clobber is one of this season’s must haves.

There really is no getting around the fact that Merc is one of the finest names in British fashion; retro style, a rich heritage yet still looking ahead. Merc’s future looks just as bright and eventful as it’s past.

Henri Lloyd-From The Marina To The Terraces

HL_new black

Founded in Manchester by British businessman Angus Lloyd with Polish war hero, designer, award winner and all round good egg Henri Strzelecki in 1963, Henri Lloyd specialises in sailing and yachting apparel. The brand pioneered the use of man-made fabrics such as Gore-Tex and has been worn by explorers, sportsmen and other on-trend individuals.

henri lloyd sailing

A luxury brand designed for the seven seas, it might seem strange that it should find a home on the terraces of football grounds across the country. However looking at their jackets and jeans it’s easy to see how Henri Lloyd became a stylish and individual alternative to other casual classics such as Stone Island and C.P Company.ryder-packaway-jacket-morning-cloud-detail


As well having a heritage as rich as the Rockefeller family, Henri Lloyd continues to innovate and every release is more stylish than the last; just take a look at Ryder jacket, terrace fashion in all its glory. In Henri Lloyd’s stunning gear you’ll always look the part whether you’re in the middle of the Atlantic or the middle of a football crowd.

View Henri Lloyd at Indi


Big In Japan-Saying “Konichiwa” to Duffer’s Japanese line

Starting out in 1984 at Camden Market selling vintage clothing, Duffer has grown an unlikely yet huge following in the ever on trend land of the rising sun, with over 20 stores for the Japanese to get their fill of quality London clobber.

Duffer of St George Japan

Duffer of St George Japan

Duffer’s sought after premium Japanese line has arrived on our shores this spring and it certainly looks the part. Timeless surf style has been combined with the heritage undertones of Duffer’s roots to create a truly unique style for you to wear this spring and summer. Light colours and floral patterns give the line an upbeat and summertime feeling that only a brand like Duffer could pull off.

Duffer Japan SS14

Duffer Japan SS14

The 90s style bucket hats will definitely be an essential for when we eventually say sayonara to this current grey climate and the hooded jackets will be ideal if we aren’t so lucky. These new clothes are really something else; they look destined to fly off the shelves and into the streets faster than the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo and you’d be off the rails not to snap up a few items from this exciting Eastern delivery.

By Tom Hawkins

Weekend Offender SS14

Weekend Offender SS14 is about streetwear subculture. The influences are all there in Indian ink, football, film, fads.

Weekend Offender SS14
Weekend Offender SS14

Jackets form the core of the collection, mod shaped in belligerent brights, and nautical themed in marine and navy.  The trademark doves are back and the range shifts from Harringtons to Bombers, from pastel to postal.

The hues follow Weekend Offender’s well beaten track, but there are new prospects in watermelon and eggshell to match your new imported Lambretta.

SS14’s knitwear is a nine man squad sporting stripes and doves. The colours are cricket crisp with a Pimms o’clock garnish.

Shirts make a showing as you’d expect, but this lot’s for the rude boys. Pattern wise, micro dots are the drug of choice and parrot print Hollywood is the exception to prove the rule.

Weekend Offender prove they’ve nothing lacking in the trouser department and the SS14 release brings sharp cuts and for the first time founders Sam Jones and Rydian Powell have elected  to add slim-fit denim to the firm. Just add brilliant white trainers if you want to put the casual back in football casual. Cotton trousers are another new addition and demonstrate just how far, in terms of production, this local hero has come.

As a whole SS14 is a weekend scuffle in Brighton, summer shades, but ready for rain.

Further investigation can be had by having a butchers at the new spring/summer collection at Indi