Mikkel Rude Has It All Wrapped Up

mikkel rudeThere’s nothing quite like opening a present; the excited anticipation as your heart starts beating that little bit faster…This is exactly the experience you get with Mikkel Rude, as each beautiful shirt arrives in its own custom made box! It is for these special and distinctive touches that Mikkel Rude is becoming known as a purveyor of fine clothing.

Mikkel Rude has always had an eye for the finer points. As a youngster, he was spellbound by the Punks and Skinheads he saw photographed on Petticoat Lane. With their highly detailed outfits; Sta-prest trousers, ‘Royals’ brogues, and red socks, he was quickly drawn into their world, admiring the self-assured nature that accompanied the clothes they wore. As his interest blossomed, it only seemed natural to open a shop and, as the home of Scandinavian cool, Copenhagen was the perfect location. Despite selling a combination of classics like Dr Martens, Crombie, and Harringtons alongside new British labels, Mikkel Rude became dissatisfied with the cuts of shirts available. Luckily for us this resulted in the launch of his own Mikkel Rude label.


So what about the clothes I hear you ask. Well, just like their presentation, they won’t disappoint. As a through-and-through traditionalist, and a company motto of ‘clean-cut British’, Mikkel Rude shirts endeavour to maintain a supreme level of authenticity. In fact, many of the styles are inspired directly from Mikkel Rude’s personal shirt collection of original 60’s Ivy League and other British makers. The current collection is an homage to this decade, with trademark details like vented short sleeves and double-button detailing, all in a flattering slim fit made possible by the back box pleat and darts. The fantastically vibrant ‘window- pane’ shirts are a perfect statement in turquoise, pink, yellow and royal blue.


In the same spirit of re-creation are the Sta-press trousers. These ingenious trousers rose to prominence in the 1960’s as they remained immaculate even after being put through the tumble-dryer. Their unusual name is an abbreviation, of the much longer title; stay pressed, referring to the permanent front crease running sharply down the slim fit leg. Mikkel Rude’s version is a perfect blend of style and comfort, ready to go, whatever the situation!


It is in the re-creation, of authentic clothing that makes Mikkel Rude so exceptional. Always sharp and always authentic, Mikkel Rude is breathing new life into classic designs, ensuring they are kept alive for future generations to discover. The passion of their founder is evident; his clothes are more than just a brand, they encompass a whole lifestyle. So, get ‘em while you can, Mikkel Rude is the real deal!

By Philip Tunstall